AUSCAST002 – Shenoda


Congratulations on the release of your latest EP 'Burn' and thank you for taking the time out to record a mix for our podcast series.

Thanks very much! I had a lot fun with this mix actually and hope you guys enjoy it. (S)

Where did you record the mix?

The mix was recorded in my studio in sunny East London which is where I record most mixes as well as make music. I wanted the mix to represent a snapshot of how I play in a typical set. I've included a usual mixture of recent, forthcoming and older tunes with some of my own music thrown in for good measure. (S)

What equipment did you use?
Annoyingly I spilt tea on my trusty old Allen and Heath Xone 62 the other week so I had to use Ableton this time round. I’ve still very much approached it as if I were mixing live though. (S)

You've played many gigs over the years but how did it feel closing out 2016 at Warehouse Project with Richie Hawtin, Ben Klock, Andrew Weatherall, Ben UFO & Objekt?

Yeah sharing with the bill with a lineup like that was a real highlight of last year for sure. It was actually the second time I’ve played the Warehouse Project but was the first time I’d played the Store Street venue. The night was curated by the Hydra so you know it’s guaranteed to be a good one with those guys. Dolan and Ajay are a great pair and have impeccable taste when it comes to programming. (S)

What else is on the horizon for 2017?’

First off is my next release for Aus which is out this week digitally and on wax very soon I believe. My main focus for the rest of this year is finishing off as much music as possible and get it out there. Admittedly in the past I’ve tended to over think things when writing and probably taken a bit too long to finish music off which has left a bit of space between releases. Thankfully I'm having a real creative burst at the minute, perhaps down to investing in some new toys for the studio and not overthinking things when writing. Most of what I’m writing now is the result of live hardware jam’s and are fleshed out quickly from those initial ideas. I'm sitting on a ton of new tracks I'm really happy with so there will be plenty coming this year to watch out for. (S)


AUSCAST002 – Shenoda

AUSCAST001 – Marquis Hawkes


Firstly, thanks for inaugurating our podcast series, we know online mixes from you are few and far between so we appreciate you taking the time out for this.

Thanks for having me! (MH)

Where and how was the mix recorded?

In my studio in Berlin on 2xCDJ 2000nxs and an Allen and Heath Xone 92. (MH)

How do you prepare for your DJ sets and is this mix a good representation of how you sound in the club?

Record store digging, file hunting, promo checking, and choosing which of my productions in development are ready for a road test develops the pool for on the fly selection. I wanted to reflect some of the slightly tougher stuff which works well in some of the bigger rooms I’ve been playing more recently, whilst obviously keeping a bit of funk/soul influence in there. So I’d say it’s definitely representative of what I’ve been playing out of late.

Following the release of your debut album 'Social Housing' you've played Heidegluhen, Panorama Bar, fabric, Sub Club, Weather festival & Le Sucre to name a few, which out of those stands as a personal highlight and why?

I’d say as much as all those places you mention have been great, the absolute standouts for me were Dour festival in Belgium, which was very intense, and very impressive, in regard to audience response for such a big crowd. Heideglühen and Panorama bar are as ever my Berlin party stalwarts, with Heideglühen being a particularly special, given it’s lesser known status. Opening fabric room 1 was definitely the best set I ever played there, at least in my own opinion, and really really enjoyed gigs in Paisley and Trondheim. Sometimes the small outposts where the audience is really hungry for touring artists with good music are the best experiences. (MH)

What's on the horizon for Marquis Hawkes/Hawkes & Blake/Juxta Position in 2017?

As you know, we have the new record from me on Aus in the coming weeks, tentative steps towards starting work on the next album, and a few remixes I’ve done due to drop soon. Hawkes and Blake just happens when me & Tim are in the studio and we just hit the right vibe, I really hope we hit on something soon, but we never know when the magic is going to appear, and we won’t put anything out we don’t think is absolutely exceptional, so it could be a while. But you never know, sometimes it just comes in a flash! I have a LOT coming up with Juxta Position, we kickstart the new label I’ve formed for releasing Juxta Position material in the next weeks. The label is called Failsafe, and the first record comes at the end of January. The second release is already finalised and ready to go into production also, on top of which I have a rather large caché of Juxta Position tracks which I’m still deciding what to do with, whether to release myself, or find other outlets. We’ll see soon enough, either way, 2017 is already shaping up to be a very exciting year for my different projects. (MH)


AUSCAST001 – Marquis Hawkes

AUS100 Mix – Will Saul

AUS100 Mix

Will Saul’s Aus Music label is now into its tenth year, and with that, fittingly enough, comes its landmark 100th release. For this special occasion, the ever evolving label has put together a comprehensive 24 track quadruple vinyl, triple CD and vast digital compilation, due for release in May 2016.

Aus 100 will feature new and exclusive tracks from the boss as well as key family members Bicep, Midland, Huxley, Deetron, Nick Hoppner, Pearson Sound, Youandewan, Marquis Hawkes, Sei A, Bwana, Fold, Shenoda and Appleblim & Komon. 90% of the label artists who have ever released on Aus will contribute, and design comes from the man behind the label’s original identity, Michael Place. Not a bad achievement, then, for what actually started as a sub label of Simple, with the short term aim of putting out music from two of Saul’s friends, Fink and Lee Jones.

Over the last decade Aus Music has never really had a certain sound, but has always operated on the more underground, bass driven end of the house spectrum. It has worked with big names and has excelled at peak time tracks, but has also helped break upcoming artists from Joy Orbison to Dusky via Midland and George Fitzgerald. As a result, it has become one of the most prominent and on point labels of the day, and is now supported by infrastructure from !K7 such is the volume of its output.

“Never in a million years did I feel it would make 100 releases,” says boss Saul, who also admits the thing he loves most about the label its is strength in depth and how it can offer up deepest house from Cottam next to hook laden sounds from Huxley. As well as getting plays from taste making DJs and topping many sales charts and year end lists, so too has Aus picked up plenty of high profile Radio 1 support over the years. “But I still remember the proudest moment was driving to the pressing plant somewhere in surrey and collecting 1500 vinyl records of our first release,” remembers will. “My old VW Polo's suspension was creaking as I took them to the distributor in Watford!”

To accompany this release, there will be a global 10 Years Of Aus tour from April through the rest of the year. There will also be Aus curated festival stages, albums from core artists Sei A and Youandewan plus fine new addition Cassy. But that’s not all, because new material from Huxley, Trevino, FOLD, Bwana, Timothy Blake and Shenoda is also in the pipeline, and as well as that, new names will added to the Aus collective in the form of peerless Planet E alumnus and house icon Recloose.

All in all, then, Aus Music’s tenth year is set to be its best yet.


Continuous Mix

Bwana – VVedding

Komon – Euclidean

Cottam – Brand New Dub

FOLD – All City

Marquis Hawkes – No Rush

Timothy Blake – Soul Without Shame

Shenoda – Minute

DJ October – Drama Queen

Pearson Sound – Standoff

Nick Höppner – Pneuma

Appleblim – Twinkle

Midland – Decompression Suite

Huxley – Bisto Inferno

Sei A – Wan Hunner

Bicep & Hammer – ARACARI

Sideshow – Yek Do

Youandewan – Sicko

Breach & DJ Dust – Win Ugly

DJ T – Under The Radar

Deetron – Cycle

Will Saul & October – Dimension One

Trevino – Shimmer

Komon & Will Saul – Circadian

Lee Jones – Nocturne